Christmas wishes in pictures

Last christmas was spent in a blur. My view of the world was marred by tears, snow, sleep deprivation and strong painkillers. My christmas existed in my head as a cold, dark place I never knew I could ever visit. My christmas last year should have been so perfect. It wasn’t. So.
So, around July time, as the fog began to -finally- lift a little, I began to plan THIS christmas. It’s going to be perfect. It is already.
Today I asked my daughter to take some pictures of christmas for me. Here are her pictures and my captions. These are my christmas wishes.

A house isn't a home, it's what's inside that everybody wants

Baubles for the girls

Baubles for the boys

The shoes that were nearly never filled, to be walking amongst the wrapping paper this year

Fringers that painted, glitter that glittered, the fat robin that came home from nursery

I took this one. The two people who are going to make Christmas so special this year.


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