Grrr. I used to love snow: the excitement of waking to an unmistakeable muffled sound; the prospect of either being snowed in or having the heating broken down at school; building snowmen until your fingers freeze and you’re beckoned inside for hot orange squash… yum.

Last year spoiled all of that, unfortunately. The night I went into labour with my son, it started to frost up and I remember watchingt the road sparkle in the early hours as we travelled to the hospital. Lovely. Four days after he was born, the snow fell and from that moment my son and Iwere prisoners. Having had a section, I was unable to walk comfortably and so pushing the pram was impossible anyway and using the sling was not an option. I couldn’t drive, so… the baby blues had a grip on me like a vice.

So, forgive me if the snow this year doesn’t quite tickle my fancy like it used to. When it appeared this week, there was hardly enough to snow me in and prevent me going to school (this time to work, not learn!) and so it just lay there, thinly spread and useless. Until…

Until I fell. OUCH. I was carrying the baby in the sling, as I always do on the school run. More of a school slide on Tuesday though. I landed with a bang on the side of my hip and promptly burst into tears as soon as someone asked if I was ok. Luckily my baby was fine, I instinctively held him close as I fell, to protect him. I think this was the only reason I didn’t break my arm.

Today, I am the walking wounded. I have massive swelling to my upper leg, a bruise the size of a watermelon and pain to my shoulders, back and pelvis. Like I said, OUCH.

So I’ve fallen out with the beautiful white stuff that has been falling steadily today, turning my road into a winter wonderland and keeping us all inside today. Unless… my baby keeps saying ‘wassat?’ and pointing with a big smile; unless… my daughter keeps excitedly announcing ‘IT’S SNOWING!!’ whilst jumping up and down… unless I just cheer up a little and accpept it.

IT’S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!


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