Someone pass the matchsticks


That’s a little bit better.

My son isn’t sleeping. Again. I think he slept through for about two months, during which time we stupidly breathed a huge sigh of relief and congratulated ourselves on at last having a ‘good sleeper’. How wrong we were. Since I started back at work, the amount of sleep we’ve been getting has been getting less and less and this weekend we were back to newborn status once more. Blurgh.

It only occurred to me on Saturday night, around 3am, that I was sat in the exact same place at the exact same time on the exact same day in 2009. I’d been to my sister in law’s for dinner and had spent all night in the bathroom throwing up (no relation to her lovely cooking, I’m sure). I’d gone downstairs with pains I mistook for contractions and was absolutely convinced I was in labour. So, like any terrified mum-to-be, I turned on the lap top to chat to my fellow mums-to-be and some mums-already that were up feeding their treasures. We comiserated about the vomiting and eventually decided maybe I wasn’t in labour… so I watched TV until the morning, unable to rest my head unless I fancied lying in a pool of sick…

I’m digressing. The point is, this time last year I was awake and exhausted, with my baby tucked safely inisde me. How ironic that I was to be up again 365 days later with that same boy, this time lying on me snoring softly! Did I mention that last year I ended up aptly watching a programme about babies who don’t sleep? This year it was the fabulous I didn’t know I was pregnant and Your kid ate what?!

Despite the exhaustion, the tears derived from lack of sleep and the huge HUGE circles under my eyes, it was slightly amazing being up with my boy on Saturday. Admittedly, being up again two hours later wasn’t quite so amzazing, but still… it was just us two. Soon he’ll be 18 and maybe only just rolling in the door at that time- who knows? I guess I’m going to have to make the most of these days.

In the meantime, do matches actually work?


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