The toddler who came to tea

On Friday there was a knock at the door and there on the doorstep was one smiling, happy, walking baby, from now on known as a toddler…

On picking my son up from nursery on Friday, I was a more than a little dismayed to hear one of the girls casually ask, ‘He is walking now, isn’t he?’ Ummm, no, not exactly. To hear that he had been walking all day and not crawling at all induced slightly irrational feelings of resentment; I found myself marvelling at the way my son had chosen to start walking without me. What had they done at nursery that had driven him to his wobbly legs and sent him racing into toddler-hood?

My son actually took his first steps weeks ago, just after he turned the grand old age of nine months. Every now and then he would sporadically take a couple of steps, teasing us with his athletic agility, daring us to believe that he was some kind of super baby. But, I tell you- you should see him crawl! There ought to be little cartoon dust clouds behind him. He is fast. He can get away and half way up the stairs before you’ve even put your bag down. He’s been doing this for ages.

The walking has been a slower process. My daughter never bothered with crawling; she took her first steps just after she turned ten months and within two days she was walking properly. My son, however, has to be different. After thinking he would walk even earlier than her, he stoped. Crawling was obviously the mode of transport he preferred, after the sling of course. But then…

Then he spent an entire day, away from me and my camera and my camcorder and my phone at the ready to text all who cared. He spent that day WALKING!!! To be fair, he did perform for me at home, too. But it wasn’t quite the same. I felt a little cheated.

But, the question I asked myself that night (once I had finished texting everyone I knew who knew him and right after I updated my status on facebook) was this: if he is walking now, does that mean he is no longer a baby? He might be my last one. Who knows? Do I really want a toddler already? Is he different now? So I peeped in on him sleeping and I watched his tiny chest rise and fall and his fingers twitch slightly… and then I stepped on a creaking floorboard in his room. In all the excitement of the walking, I had misjudged where those damned floorboards were!

Of course, he woke up. Of course, he cried for about half an hour. Of course, he needed me to stroke his head over and over until he was calm enough to sleep again. So I suppose I had my answer. Baby or toddler, he’s just the same as he was yesterday.


8 responses to “The toddler who came to tea

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    What a lovely post. It’s quite a milestone when they start walking isn’t it. Makes you go all nostalgic. It’s also hard work when you realise you need to buy stair gates and hide anything within head height!!

    CJ xx

  • Penny

    I have to remind myself each new step is more exciting than the last, stops me getting too nostalgic 🙂 I love those moments though, at night or when they are poorly or tired, when they become babylike again.

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  • TheBoyandMe

    He is always going to be your baby, no matter how old he is and whether he allows you to think he is or not; he’s your baby.

    I spent the first year being told off by my mum for saying “I can’t wait until he’s old enough to…”. She’d say to me “Don’t wish his life away!” and she was right. Now I say “I look forward to the day when…”

    Thanks for linking up to SOSC!

  • willest

    I love this post! Esther and William are 9 months old and just about on the move. They seem to change so much every day. I am excited about their progress but not ready for themto be toddlers just yet x

  • Ithylkalina

    I can totally relate to the whole “baby to toddler” transition anxiety. I was lucky enough not to have a toddler until he was 13 months old, but I still found it a bit upsetting. Of course I still call him “baby” and am glad he’s making progress but as he’s going to be our one and only child I still find myself wanting him to just stop growing and stay just as he is! 🙂 Time machine anyone?

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